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10 Tech Start Up Business Ideas For Women in 2022

It’s natural to be afraid of doing anything new, such as launching a business. Hearing other people’s success stories might be uplifting, but there are also firms that perform poorly or even face bankruptcy.

However, we cannot ignore elements that may have contributed to the failure. As someone eager to take chances as a startup entrepreneur, you should research the prevalent trends that contribute to their failure. If you’re looking for tech startup business ideas for women, here are some ideas.

Tech Startup Business Ideas for Women

1. Cloud storage service


Are you an IT girl? Then this business might be good for you. Cloud storage services have seen skyrocketing demand because we are transitioning into the digital era where cloud hosting has become critical for data transfer over the internet. It provides unparalleled convenience to users because they don’t have to worry about physical storage anymore. Those physical servers are located in remote areas in the form of data centers.

Instead of buying hardware, you just need to subscribe to a package that a cloud storage company offers to reap all the benefits. Besides moving virtual machine pictures across computers located in distant places, it also serves to create data backups, which come in handy in the wake of an unforeseen natural disaster. This business has a good chance of doing well in the future because companies will always be looking for ways to cut costs so they can better deal with their current financial situation.

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2. Computer training company

If you’re a woman with a burning passion for computers, starting this type of company might do wonders for your career. You can start it with several employees and scale it up as the business has more resources to expand. You can start training classes for those wanting to learn how to use Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

The demand will only grow unabated in the coming years because individuals and corporations need experts to teach them a variety of computer programs like wordpress, joomla!, webflow, etc. There are a multitude of them, so it really depends on what programs a company uses to process data and document its business activities. Taking the plunge into the tutoring field can pose great challenges. While knowledge is important, it’s not the only factor that matters. Patience and kindness are also important because they help people remember what they learn over time.

3. SEO agency

An article wouldn’t just randomly get a good placement on the SERPs unless it’s from an authoritative website that has gained trust and credibility from search engines. It takes a deliberate effort to rank better on Google and other popular search engines. This is why SEO has become the core of online marketing strategies because it uses on-page and off-page optimization to improve the visibility of a website.

Are these calculated methods unethical? Well, the algorithms keep on changing. Some remain acceptable, while others are not only obsolete but also violate the enforced rules. Good SEO is built around informative content and honesty, aka not trying to cheat the system. There are some skills an SEO specialist needs to have, which include link building, on-page and off-page optimization, in-depth keyword research, and mastering SEO tools.

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4. Fintech startup


Fintech, which stands for Financial Technology, is an umbrella term for technologies used in financial services.Fintech has caused a shift in the way companies in the financial sector operate, especially pertaining to the methods used for transferring and managing money. Compared to conventional service providers, Fintech startups prioritize the use of cutting-edge technology to automate processes that otherwise would be inefficient.

One good example is that it facilitates an instant loan application without the need to show up in a bank where the lending process takes place. Everything is completed and approved on the internet, including submitting the requested documents. Any woman who wants to try this startup should have solid knowledge of accounting and financial procedures. Having a bachelor’s degree in finance is another important qualification.

5. Web analytics service

This is another recommended business idea for women. Web analytics is the summary of web data that will be later studied to help improve a website’s performance. The main job of a web analytics consultant is to provide metrics as well as reports of how visitors interact with a website. The gathered information is valuable because it can be used to map out future marketing tactics.

As we know, putting together a marketing campaign requires a proper analysis of a website’s essential metrics, like unique visitors, unique views, bounce rates, countries, etc. The results will hugely impact SEO methods that the owner should implement in hopes of better rankings on Google. To start this service, you should be experienced in database management and programming and have cultivated relevant tech skills.

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6. Mobile accessories supplier

This venture offers a good profit margin, but to get it off the ground, marketing should be the lifeline of your business. First of all, you should build a store and find wholesale distributors to grow the inventory. It’s likely that you would partner with multiple distributors since each one may have a different range of items.

Find wholesalers that offer competitive prices. Don’t ever go for the lowest prices because they often equate to poor quality. Speaking of accessories to stock up on, you can consider wired chargers, wireless chargers, cases, power banks, smartphone holders, memory cards, and all kinds of cables.

7. Web design service


Another startup idea for women is a web design service. Before commencing this business, do research on competitors in the niche you want to target. This allows for a greater chance to succeed since you compete in a segment that’s not too crowded.

Even if it’s already packed with providers, you can still diversify yours in order to stand out. Your duties as a web design provider are to create for clients a website, complete the propagation, provide them with a suitable hosting solution, and offer items they need to customize the website, like themes and add-ons. You can even suggest taking control over branding and content.

8. Mobile application development

Don’t be disconsolate about the countless apps that have been uploaded to the Play Store. Just because it’s inundated with apps doesn’t mean you have no chance to shine. Remember that many of them are flawed and poor quality, so there’s always room for great apps.

Being a mobile app developer may put you in one of these scenarios. First, you can be self-employed. Or you can also build your own startup by hiring trained professionals to develop mobile apps. If you’ve got solid financing sources, the latter should be attainable. One of the key skills to have for a developer is coding. For iOS, it’s either Objective-C or Swift. And for Android, you need to get to grips with the basic syntax of Kotlin or Java.

9. Content automation

Content automation is the utilization of technology to automate processes. This reduces the effort needed to produce content in bulk, which will save time. Content is the pillar of a successful marketing strategy. No matter how much SEO algorithms have changed throughout the years, good content will save you from the wrath of search engine updates because it’s an organic approach to spur visitors’ interest.

There are some examples of content automation. Buzzumo is one that represents content management and research. It helps reveal engaging content and outreach possibilities on a worldwide scale. Another common type is writing tools built around complex artificial intelligence. Making product descriptions, captions, and composing emails belong here.

10. Mobile wallet (payment)

The massive growth of digitalization has fueled the rise of online transactions. For this reason, it’s not farfetched to think that mobile wallets will be on an upward trajectory in the next few years. This has led to many companies wanting to create their own mobile apps. There’s an obvious opportunity here to satisfy the increasing demand for such programs.

A mobile wallet can be described as an instrument that facilitates money transfers between mobile devices. They come in several types. There are ones that use an intermediary to send and receive funds across users, ones that aid in mobile transactions, and ones that offer discounts via SMS. For the record, this business might have a higher entry barrier because of how the government regulates money.

How do you come up with a tech startup?


The foundation of a tech startup is a well-crafted business plan. However, it also needs to be preceded by a strong idea because this keeps you on track to achieving your goals. The next important step is to do a lot of research to help you find the right resources your business needs to grow.

Which technology business is most profitable?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one, but if we can share with you some ideas, computer training, web design, social media consultancy, and cloud computing are all very lucrative right now.

Wrap up

One in five new businesses doesn’t make it beyond their first two years. It does sound discouraging, but would you give up on your dream because of that? On the bright side, many startups manage to scale up and outrun their competitors within five years because they know what they’re doing.

Hence, instead of letting your dream slip away, seize an opportunity and fight for it. If you don’t know where to start, we hope you can derive inspiration from all the tech startup business ideas for women mentioned in this article.

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