empower yourself as a woman

How to Empower Yourself as a Woman?

Female empowerment can be perceived as giving power to women by helping them gain equal rights as other members of society.

The idea dates all the way back to the 1980s. It has been acknowledged as a transformative tool to aid women in achieving equality in economic resources and social life.

Female empowerment should be more than jargon to bring awareness around discrimination that women are still facing today. It should also be practiced at a macro level so that people across socio-demographic groups get the message. This campaign can start with self-empowerment.

How do you get behind a campaign that advocates empowerment when you can’t implement it in yourself?

Look inside and see if you have the bravery to stand up for yourself. If you have that already, you’ll also have the same energy to defend other women.

What is the meaning of “empower your self”?


Self-empowerment means taking full control of your life. You should be the one in charge of deciding your own path. This sounds good in theory but can turn out bad in practice.

That’s why you need to have defined goals on how to cultivate authority. After all, it will be like treading water if you don’t take action.

This concept constitutes getting a solid grasp of self-understanding. You should realize that everyone under normal circumstances has the ability to set goals and achieve them. Give yourself the power to make conscious and informed decisions.

There’s nothing wrong with taking advice, but leave it as a supplemental element to strengthen the decision-making process, not something you resort to because you can’t find the answer yourself.

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How to empower yourself as a woman?

1. Increase self-awareness

We all have strengths and weaknesses, don’t be shy to admit that. Acknowledging them can be a good starting point to raise awareness of yourself. Try to see the bigger picture. Even if with everything you lack, there should be aspects you should be proud of. After all, you can’t be devoid of redeeming qualities, right? Self-awareness is also about figuring out your personality. Form a mental image of your true self and spot any imperfection that needs to be corrected.

2. Set your goals

Setting goals is necessary to organize your thoughts. Not only that, but help also helps you stay motivated. Without goals, it’s easy to lose focus due to all the distractions. Goals are a way to measure progress. Like if you’ve achieved one, you’ll be reminded of the next step knowing you already have a clear vision of your future. Down the road, you will stumble upon setbacks, which are perfectly normal. Just make sure they don’t diminish your confidence. See them as more of an organic setup to shape you into a better and more resilient individual.

3. Take action

After establishing clear goals, the next step is to accomplish them. It may be uneasy at first, even downright fear-inducing. But you must go back to the previous point about self-awareness and courage. Any obstacles that stand in your way, if unwavering beliefs are deeply rooted inside you, you’ll be able to push through them. Stop the overthinking and start taking action. If you experience a setback, it’s just a stepping stone that will carry you to success.

4. Take responsibility


This is the true test of one’s character. How often do you point your finger at others for problems you’re responsible for? Blaming someone else for what you should be held accountable for is unacceptable. From now on stop making excuses. If you think you’ve been behaving this way, correct that attitude problem.

Moving towards empowerment before addressing the elephant in the room would be pointless. Mind you, making mistakes are a human tendency. You can’t shy away from them. Own up to your actions, forgive yourself, then you’ll find freedom. Don’t be denied as it won’t help you at all. It will take time to change the habit knowing how strongly it has been ingrained in your brain. But once you succeed, it will be gratifying.

5. Surround yourself with good people

Other people’s thoughts will influence you in some way. Surround yourself with happy people, you’ll be overwhelmed with the joy all the time. Be friends with angry people, you may develop emotional outbursts later. Emotions are contagious, so if you crave positive influence, get to know more people who can lift you up and change your life for the better. It’s even better if they understand your goals and encourage you to reach them.

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How can a woman empower herself?

First, realize that you’re as valuable as everybody else. No matter how badly you’re misjudged, every human deserves the same treatment regardless of gender. Second, you should never retreat in the face of opposition especially when you firmly believe in something that’s morally right. Third, when you act nice to people, do it because it gives you pleasure, not because you expect something in return.

What makes you empowered as a woman?


We all feel empowered when none denies our rights or treats us unfairly. We’ll also feel that way when our presence is noticed. You know how upsetting it can be when people are deliberately trying to disregard our presence, pretending like we don’t exist, or thinking we’re good not enough to be with them. When you can overcome these issues, you’ll feel so relieved.

What empowers you to be your best self?

Self-reflection is key to becoming your best self. Feeling empowered should not be mistaken for a superiority complex. The latter is very frowned upon. Most of us balk at the idea of superiority, but empowerment is a positive thing, so we can’t possibly hate on that.

Wrap up

An empowered woman knows how to make good decisions for herself through knowledge and experience. She’s not timid to speak up her mind. She also knows how to fight for her position in society.

Another important trait of an empowered woman is willing to stand up for other women. Women around the world are still subject to prejudice and oppression, so it’s important to show empathy.

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